Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

5. Resealable label

A consumer who opens a new pack will first loosen the label, then open the coffee, sugar, rice, pasta, cheese or meat pack and reseal it with the label until the pack is empty. Our liner-free labels applied direct from the roll are most cost effective. Our pre-cut labels are especially interesting for critical substrates.



The 6 benefits of using EasySeal label

1. Longer freshness and quality

You like to keep products fresh for a long time, protected in a package with good barrier properties and excellent resealability. Resealable packaging promotes smaller, healthier portions; your packaging will therefore be opened and closed more often. The quality and freshness of your product will remain high with an EasySeal tape seal. 

2. Easy to open packaging

Convenience is what it’s all about. EasySeal, has a finger lift, an adhesive-free part of the tape to make opening of the pack quicker and easier for the consumer to encourage re-use. 

3. Tape with the power to communicate

You can use the resealable tape feature to communicate your message and gain additional attention by printing on the tape, liner, finger lift or packaging promote a special offer such as “2 for the price of 1”, add your barcode, shelf life date or explain how resealabilty works. This message can be either pre-printed on the tape or by a printer installed on the production line.

4. 100% food-safe production

Foodsafetapes are manufactured with only food-safe materials suitable for direct and indirect food contact. EasySeal is produced in an ISO-22000/HACCP-certified environment. Measures such as strict hygiene control, personnel entry checks, pest prevention, cleaning and process control prevent any possible contamination by broken glass, chemicals etc during the production process. 

5. Environmentally friendly and less food waste

EasySeal Resealable Tapes are environmentally friendly tapes. They can extend the length of time a product stays fresh and, therefore, less food is wasted. In addition, a tape seal contains less packaging material than other types of resealable features. Our tapes are solvent free and can be supplied with an environmentally friendly PVC-free carrier. 

6. Flawless machinability

EasySeal tapes can easily be added to your packaging inline. The production speed and efficiency of your production line will not be compromised. A tape applicator requires a low investment, can easily be added to your existing packaging line and requires almost no maintenance.