Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Bakery sector

You bake millions of loaves weekly and package these in bags. Retailers and consumers set high requirements with regard to material, appearance and ease of use. They want PVC-free packaging, legible date/ code printing and bags that can be quickly resealed. You want to be able to package your loaves in a cost-effective and safe manner. SuperSeal bag sealing tapes meet all your requirements and also those of your customers.

Advantages of resealable tape versus alternative sealing solutions

Our reels of tape contain up to ten times more seals than reels with clip closing mechanisms. Our seals are far more production efficient than these alternative bag sealing options. Use in practice has also shown tape is a childproof, metal detection-friendly seal that ensures tight closure of bread bags. SuperSeal can easily be printed and boosts a great product presentation and maintains the freshness of your loaves.

Efficient long length rolls for long production runs

Any downtime of your high-speed lines leads to unpleasant consequences very quickly. Lower efficiency clearly shows in your production results. We help you achieve your machine standards. With tape of a consistent high quality, and rolls with extra-long lengths provide flawless mechanical processing. That is why we work closely with machine suppliers including Burford.

Local stock on demand and support

Our strengths are our own adhesive recipes and the strict quality control that is performed at our ISO 22000 certified production site. We determine your most efficient level of stock on high demand items and make these available locally to ensure you have the tape at your disposal when you need it. You can also count on fast service and technical support from our local Sales Manager. This is why we have been the market leader in the UK for over 10 years now.