Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Packaging industry

Boxes and cases are the type of packaging that is used the most for storage and transport. They are lightweight, cheap and offer sound protection. Provided they are sealed with the correct packaging tape. We have been sealing boxes and cases using tapes since 1962. Since then, end users and trades people keep coming back due to our wide selection, professional knowledge and reliable tape solutions. Call Supertape Packaging for all your case sealing tapes!

Easy tape processing leads to efficiency

The quality of the tape processing is as important as the quality of the tape seal in the packaging industry. Are the packaging tape and the machines for sealing cases and boxes not properly synchronised with each other? This will result in breakdowns and loss of performance. This is why we work in partnership with suppliers of cardboard boxes, machines for sealing boxes and packaging lines. This combining of our knowledge results in a problem-free packaging process.

Environmentally-friendly tapes for shelf-ready packaging (SRP)

SRP is a current development in the packaging industry. With SRP, supermarket chains are switching from shipping boxes that must first be unpacked and repacked to ready-to-use display boxes that can immediately be placed on the shelf. Our environmentally-friendly, paper tapes in white and brown meet the SRP requirements. Cases and boxes that have a paper seal can be opened quickly without a knife or scissors and also offer some tamper evidence.

Supertape Packaging, case sealing tape specialist since 1962

We have developed dynamically in many markets during the past 50 years. Since 1962, the packaging tape product group has been a major contributor to our success. This is why it has been incorporated into Supertape Packaging. We offer a wide range of case-sealing tapes from stock and perfect logistics services from Supertape Packaging.