Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Paper tape

Paper tape is environment-friendly, recyclable tape. Easy to tear by hand. The tape is used for sealing recycled boxes as well as other applications. A brown, test liner box with a brown paper tape seal looks representative and exudes environmental awareness. There is also white paper tape for white shipping boxes. Paper tape can be perfectly processed at high and low temperatures.

Technical data
Carrier type Kraft paper
Adhesive type Synthetic rubber (solvent-free)
Adhesion on steel (N/25mm) 20
Rolling ball tack (cm) 2
Tensile strength (N/cm) 53
Elongation (%) 7
Carrier weight (gr/m2) 70
Adhesive weight (gr/m2) 32
Product properties
Colour(s) White, brown
Printable Yes
Low-noise processing Yes