Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Bundling products

Bundling tape offers plenty of opportunities for product promotions and launches. Such as merging 2 or more individual packs to produce a multipack. Or adding samples to products. Much can also go wrong. Are you using the wrong tape? Then it may discolour, leave adhesive residue or damage your packaging. Your brand will suffer losses. Unless you deploy our low-tack bundling tape.

Bundling products with a sensitive surface

SuperBundle has a unique low-tack adhesive: sticks strongly AND is easy to remove. Are your packs made of shrink film? Do you use paper labels? In short, are your packs sensitive to tearing? Our acrylic or synthetic rubber adhesive adheres well to (vulnerable) substrates and bundles robustly. Nevertheless, when removing the tape your packaging remains intact and clean of adhesive residue.

The benefits of SuperBundle:

• Transparent image because of acrylic adhesive;
• Moisture-resistant thanks to the PP carrier;
• No damage when removed;
• No adhesive residue when removed;
• Can be processed automatically.

Markets that use bundling tapes

Beverage industrie Coffee roasting houses Pasta and rice