Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

PET tape

PET tape, or polyester tape, is an exceedingly strong case sealing tape. The tape is resistant to tearing and does not stretch lengthwise or widthwise. PET tape has the ideal properties for a smooth, mechanical processing. And for closing heavy or overfilled boxes with high tension on the flaps. PET tapes maintain their excellent adhesion even at high and low temperatures.

Technical data
Carrier type PET (polyester)
Adhesive type Natural rubber
Film thickness (µm) 23
Overall thickness (µm) 42
Adhesion on steel (N/cm) 4
Tensile strength (N/cm) 60
Elongation (%) 90
Product properties
Colour(s) Transparant, brown
Printable Yes
Low-noise processing No
Sensitive to heat/cold No
Supplied on Supplied on hand and machine rolls