Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

PVC tape

PVC tape is the bestseller among case sealing tapes. Hand tearable, moisture-resistant and easily printable. Applying the tape is a smooth action producing little noise. Are you looking for a tape suitable for overfilled boxes with high-tension box flaps? PVC tape does not stretch lengthwise and keeps each box closed tightly. PVC is available in various colours and narrow dimensions for office and shop use.

Technical data
Carrier type PVC
Tape type Natural rubber
Film thickness (µm) 32
Overall thickness (µm) 52
Adhesion on steel (N/cm) 2.0
Tensile strength (N/cm) 40
Elongation (%) 60
Product properties
Case weight > 15 kilogram
Colour(s) Transparant, white, brown, yellow, orange, red, green, dark blue, black
Printable Yes
Moisture sensitive No
Low-noise processing Yes